SPEAKER: Bill Curry

Bill Curry, is a former state Senator, Connecticut Comptroller and Democratic nominee for Governor of Connecticut. He served as Counselor to the President in the Clinton White House, a position held also by David Gergen and George Stephanopolous. Prior to that, Bill served as National Director of Freeze Voter, the political arm of the nuclear weapons freeze movement.

He also served as President of the International Center in Washington, DC, founded in 1977 to focus on issues between the United States and the developing world. As an international affairs organization the International Center promotes political reform and sustainable economics in the Asia, Africa and Latin America. In his role as President, he worked in Geneva with Willy Brandt, the statesman and former Chancellor of Germany, and met for ten hours with Castro in Cuba.

He was also President of International Action, which provided clean drinking water to the poor of Haiti. He currently writes for Salon and the Daily Beast and does political analysis for National Public Radio. He is also working on a project to establish a strong agenda and independent grass roots political movement to fight public corruption in the United States. He lives in Farmington.

For more information about Bill and his work, visit Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Curry_(politician)

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