The Blue Wave Fest welcomes you to our Democracy Celebration!  This lively festival of ideas features an exciting cast of presenters addressing our nation’s most critical issues with thoughtful viewpoints and potential solutions. The family-friendly event will feature local musicians, 20+ guest speakers, legislators, office-seekers and 35+ information tables offering valuable insight into how citizens, communities and organizations are taking action to face the challenges affecting our democracy today.


The Blue Wave Fest is a unique outdoor event where citizen voters and office seekers can listen and learn on a relaxed summer afternoon. Under the big tent, festival goers will meet citizen activist organizations, elected officials and midterm candidates. Attendees will have a chance to engage with local elected officials and office seekers, and share views, values and concerns. This is a wonderful platform where citizens can come together for a constructive political dialogue across diverse views, ages, and gender.


The "Power of the Vote" lies at the heart of the Blue Wave Fest. This big tent event is designed to engage the vibrant citizenry in the Lower Connecticut River Valley and Shoreline, and emphasize the necessity of voting for every single Connecticut citizen in the up-coming midterm election. Presenters will discuss the issues pushing the democracy envelope and lend their voices to topics about equality, tolerance, and bettering our communities for everyone along the economic ladder. The program includes political, musical, creative, and social voices and champions from every walk of life and age. 


We live in an unprecedented moment when civil discourse, freedom of the press, constitutional norms, elemental electoral protections, and even widely-shared facts about science are under daily attack. The traditional institutional brakes from government are absent. Our first opportunity to remedy this challenge to our democracy is coming in the November mid-terms when citizens can go to the polls and vote. The Blue Wave Fest had its origins in this idea.

"If you are horrified at what is happening in Washington and in many states, you can march in the streets, you can go to town halls and demand more from your representatives, you can share the latest outrageous news on your social media feed - all worthwhile activities. But none of it matters if you don't go out and vote. In the end, the biggest obstacle to more Americans voting is their own sense of powerlessness. It's true: Voting is a profound act of faith, a belief that even if your voice can't change policy on its own, it makes a difference."                                                                                                        - New York Times Editorial Board, March 10, 2018


Casting a ballot is the best opportunity to have a personal voice in who will represent you, what issues they will address, and how they will spend our money. The vote is so basic, so critical, that those who do not cast a vote forfeit any right to complain. Here are some eye-opening statistics about voting in the United States.

  • One in five eligible voters in the US isn’t registered to vote
  • 40% of all eligible voters sat out the 2016 election
  • Only 18% of young people (age 18-25) voted in the last mid-term,
  • Only 37% of the total voting population voted, the lowest turnout in 70 years.
  • Over 109 million voters did not vote in the last Presidential election.

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