SPEAKER:Christine Palm

Christine Palm is principal of Sexual Harassment Prevention, LLC, which provides trainings to the corporate, academic and non-profit workplace. She was former women’s policy analyst for the General Assembly’s Commission on Women, Children and Seniors, and served as communications director for its predecessor agency, the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women. She is a former newspaper reporter, high school teacher, and small business owner.

The Commission on Women, Children and Seniors, formed in l973, works in areas as diverse as advocating for women’s pay equity, health and economic security, and increased access to leadership positions in business and government. The Commission also advises the General Assembly on the impact of proposed legislation on women’s issues.

“As the mother of four sons, she knows the challenges facing Millennials burdened by student debt; as a cancer survivor, she understands the importance of affordable health insurance; as a small business owner, she values a diversified, robust economy that works for all; as a former teacher, she knows well the importance of excellent schools; and her years in journalism compel her to work for honesty and transparency in government.”   

Campaign Website:  https://www.palmforstaterepresentative.org

News Article: http://101-z6web.newscyclecloud.com/profile/20160323/christine-palm-advocate-for-women

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