SPEAKER: John Jairo Lugo

John Jairo Lugo is an immigrants’ rights activist with Unidad Latina en Accion (ULA) in New Haven. He lived many years as an undocumented immigrant and survived immigration prison before he became a US citizen and later helped found ULA in 2002. ULA’s mission is to defend labor, civil, and human rights through improving workplace equality for immigrants, protecting families from deportation, and increasing supportive immigration legislation at the city, state, and federal level.

John says that “If ICE is going to be out in the streets then we will be on the streets too. Our organizing has won municipal IDs, in-state tuition, and drivers’ licenses, and we won’t stop until all our immigrant sisters and brothers are freed from prison and freed from deportation.”

Source: http://www.notonemoredeportation.com/2016/06/27/newhaven/

Over the years ULA has campaigned to stop racial profiling by New Haven police, initiated the creation of the Elm City ID card, organized the legislative policy of the CT Trust Act, supported hundreds of immigrants paid less than minimum wage, assisted in the recovery of unpaid wages to immigrants, and protected many undocumented persons from unjustly targeted by ICE and possible deportation. 

To learn more about John’s work with ULA, go to their website: https://ulanewhaven.org

   John Lugo beside Senator Blumenthal

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