Band Members: Anthony Valentino, Ray White and Paul Zemienieski

LOCAL Favorites - The Locomotives

The Locomotives always deliver a crowd pleasing playlist with skillful vocal harmonies, tasty guitar licks, and solid rhythm. This local, popular band from Moodus plays an interesting mix of acoustic and electric songs from folk to straight out "rock n roll" and spans 4 decades. 

Learn more about them and enjoy their music at: 

Listen to Tyler’s music on the “Apple Artist” website:

Listen to Tyler’s song for his aunt, “Little Princess,” live at the Hartford, CT March for our Lives, March 24, 2018:

Tyler Suarez - Musician, Activist

Tyler's Aunt, Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung was the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School. On the morning on December 14th, 2012, when a gunman shot his way into her elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, she lunged herself at the shooter. She used her last moments of her life to try and protect her students — her children.

After that gloomy day, Tyler and his Grandfather sat down with a notebook, knowing the only way that they were going to feel somewhat better about the situation was to put it into a song and honor the life of their "little princess." He performed the song live at the Hartford March For Our Lives that Tyler organized to demand that something be done about the epidemic of mass school shootings and gun violence in America.

To learn more about JMP’s music for social justice, visit the Great Caesar band website:

Listen to JMP and Great Caesar's popular song/video, Don’t Ask Me Why and

Watch JMP’s Tedx Hollywood Talk: 

--This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In this talk, John-Michael shares his passion of empowering others through his music while making a difference in the world. Visit JMP’s candidate website:

John-Michael Parker - Artist, Educator, Candidate

John-Michael is the frontman and songwriter of Great Caesar, an indie rock band that has received national attention for their music and their commitment to social justice. Touring across the country in 2016, John-Michael spoke with hundreds of Americans and saw both the hope and the vitriol that our presidential election had unleashed. This experience—after nearly a decade of work as an educator and non-profit leader with The Future Project —drove him to take a more active role in building the kind of country and government we believe is possible, and now he's running for State Representative in the 101st district to represent Durham and his hometown, Madison.

“Over 50 million students across the country are at risk of never discovering their full potential. Join the movement to inspire young people everywhere to build the future we all imagine.”

—— From the website of The Future Project.

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